Open-Source Models

Open-Source Models


  • LLaMA 2 (opens in a new tab): Open source, free for research and commercial use.
  • Falcon (opens in a new tab): A generative large language model (LLM) that helps advance applications and use cases to future-proof our world. Today the Falcon 180B, 40B, 7.5B, 1.3B parameter AI models, as well as our high-quality REFINEDWEB dataset, form a suite of offerings.
  • OLMo (opens in a new tab): Open Language Model (OLMo) - the AI2 LLM framework is intentionally designed to provide access to data, training code, models, and evaluation code necessary to advance AI through open research to empower academics and researchers to study the science of language models collectively.
  • Gemma (opens in a new tab): Google's Open-Source AI Models, democratizing cutting-edge technology for researchers and developers.


  • V-JEPA (opens in a new tab): A powerful AI model developed by Meta AI that focuses on learning visual representations from videos in a self-supervised manner.